Manufacturer and distributor of high-quality air filters

For more than 15 years Genfiltro has put all its efforts in providing its customers with an excellent service and the best quality filters available on the market.

Improving the environment

We contribute to a better environment. We research, manufacture and distribute products that help improve environmental quality by offering our customers clean air, thus ensuring the health of equipment, facilities and employees.

A close and reliable service

Our professional team has a large experience in the industry. We offer a direct, close and
quick response and a rapid and guaranteed delivery. That makes us a trusted partner, strong and stable.

Clean air at an international level

We began our journey by providing services to local industrial companies. Over the years, with more experience and expertise, we have been giving way in the international market, positioning ourselves as reliable providers of competitive and specialized air filters.

The best solution guaranteed

Through a close relationship with the technical departments of our customers and thanks to our large experience in the industry, we are able to understand the specific needs of each new project and offer the best solutions to our customers, fast and economical.

Optimal response to any need

We have customers in sectors as varied as pharmaceutical, shipbuilding and aeronautical, among many others. Genfiltro always responds with the same certified quality to customers, whatever their activity, whatever their size (from SMEs to MNCs).

The best service guaranteed

We study each new project with the same attention and dedication as if it were the first, always offering the optimal response. For this reason, most of our customers continue working with us since our inception, and our portfolio continues to grow year after year.


Our company contributes to preserve the planet and to build a better future, its priorities being:
Customer orientation
Commitment to the planet and the environment • Certified high-quality
Collaborative work
Efforts to improve
Performance with integrity