Deodorisation CA/4


  • Benzene index 30-35%
  • Diameter of cylinders 3.5-4 mm
  • Apparent density: 490-500 kg/m³
  • Total internal surface area (B.E.T.) 900-1000 m2
  • Abrasion resistance: 98%
  • Combustion temp.: 480-500 ºC
  • Maximum usage temp.: 40 ºC


Activated carbon is used in deodorisation of air or for absorbing contaminating substances. Used in painting processes. Totally dust-free mineral-based activated carbon in pellet form.
Applications: Mercaptans, elimination of organic compound odours, elimination of Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C.) elimination or recovery of vinyl chloride monomer (C2H3Cl), elimination of acetone (CH3COCH3), elimination of chlorinated solvents.